PicprofileWelcome to LifeChange Chiropractic and the office of the only upper and lower body certified sports injury technician that performs in the model of Fascial Distortion (FDM) in your region (Fascialdistortion.com)

Let’s get to the point! You are looking for the quickest solution to an acute or chronic issue. Whether the injury stems from a muscle, joint, tendon, ligament, fascia or all the above, you have found the facility that can take care of your needs.

Yes, all or most practitioners in the healthcare field believe they have the next best thing. I’m not claiming to have the best of anything. I just promise you instant results whether big or small in your first visit. Find it and fix it fast!

“We don’t cover pain with bandaids, lotions or potions. We find it and fix it fast with bare hand devotion.”

Here are some injuries we treat but not limited to: carpel tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis. Rotator cuff sprains, sciatica, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, hamstring pull, knee sprains, sever’s disease, patellar tendinitis, Osgood-schlatter disease, iliotibial band syndrome, low back and neck pain, ankle sprains, DeQuarvains syndrome, hip flexor/posas tendinitis