Here are the reasons  why we do not take insurance.

  1. Insurance dictates care, doctors want to get paid for their services so regardless if a particular modality, technique, scan, or test works or doesn’t work, the practitioner tends to lean towards what reimburses. I tend to lean to what works and I’m not forced to do anything I’m not comfortable with.  Keep it simple stupid. That’s my motto!
  2. I’m close to your co-pay. Remember the co-pay does not go towards your treatment. It just gets you in the door. It is unknown by the doctor of your diagnosis, so he or she has no idea what  diagnosis you have. Not to mention, the tests, x-ray, scans, blood work etc that may need to be done and you haven’t even been treated yet. This entails several visits without actual treatment. Most likely you will come out of pocket even if you’ve met your deductible in most instances. With me, your first visit you will have the distortion/diagnosis pinned and the treatment starts immediately.
  3. The facility may take your insurance but it doesn’t mean that your insurance will reimburse for their services. Make sure before you go!
  4. Lastly,  insurance is for crisis care! Broken arms, kidney stones, car accidents and cancer treatment etc. My office leans more towards wellness and maintenance. Just like a massage therapist or fitness trainer. Similar to buying produce or getting your supplements from Fiesta Nutrition Center. Insurance does not cover true health decisions . They cover stock holders and Big Pharma science! I only have you and your well being in mind,  not how much I will get for a treatment if I do or do not perform it!

“May Your Health Be With You”